Market Simulator (License is required)

Market Simulator

In the full version of the Market Simulator you can simulate the Nordic spot market for electricity, taking into account transmission constraints and price areas. You also have the ability to change a number of parameters that have a decisive influence on the electricity market, so you can see the consequences of these changes.

Under "Introduction to price areas" you can see how the market system is divided into price areas when there are bottlenecks in the transmission system. During the "Guidance to Market Simulator" can see how to change the parameters of the Market Simulator. Finally, there are instructions on how to build your own market system: "Make your own market."

By clicking on "Market Simulator" you get access to the simulator.

Basically The Market Simulator includes data for the entire Nordic power system. You can import files either resets everything, so you can set up your own market system, or you can import a file, similar to the system used to explain how the market is structured. Download reset here. Download tutorial here. Save them on your computer and download them when you import a file in Market simulator, from the icon "Gears"

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